Each of our products helps your beard and work well together, so we've put a collection for each line together so you can switch things up when you want to or go with the flow of your mood.



Cultivated by months of research, mixed in a unique dark room process, and made with only the finest natural blends of oils, this is the most unique beard oils on the market. Ajagun beard oil is designed to be very lightweight and will help keep your beard conditioned and shiny. Because it's a lightweight blend, it won't weigh down your beard or feel greasy. The only thing left behind is the intoxicating fragrance.


The Ajagun blend is a scent which captivates attention. It's base note is steady and alluring. A mid note that is deep and complex. The top note is fresh and light.  The unique blend and leveling of scents works in harmony to build the perfect aroma. Words of warning — do not buy this scent if you don't want to be remembered... much like our legacies the smell will leave an impact.



Keep it healthy from the beard to the body. Made from all-natural ingredients and naturally derived fragrance, our Ajagun Beard Balm is a deep hydrating balm that is perfect for keeping your beard, hair, and skin moisturized and healthy.


Use it to keep your beard healthy and soft, to alleviate dry skin on your hands and body, and even to keep your tattoos moisturized and vibrant - no matter how you use it, you'll be giving your beard and body the best. A little goes a long way, so always start with a smaller amount than you think you'll need and build from there.


*Our balm is made of natural ingredients that will melt at high temperatures, and may arrive slightly grainy due to temperature changes in shipping. Variations in texture are normal for the ingredients in this all natural product - just warm it in your hands before you apply for a smooth finish.



Our pocket beard pick was designed to glide through the beard and avoid snagging or breakage in course and curly beards. We picked a pearing wood to match our desired specs and chose a high quality manufacturer to hand-craft them with care for us. 


The pick is designed with our product in mind. The teeth themselves are rounded with pumice. The result is a pick with smoothly-tapered teeth and rounded tips for more comfort. Lastly, it's hit with a polish before the logo is laser craved into the wood. A lot of energy went into the production of our picks and we couldn't be more proud!



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