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Thanks for coming to check out AJAGUN Beard Company. We’re glad to have you here! I’m Anthony (Olusegun) residing in Kansas City, MO. I am the founder of Ajagun Beard Brand. With so much love being shown for beards and beard culture, there seems to be under representation by people of color with coarse hair. Being of Yoruba Heritage and seeing our youth and young adults yearning to be a part of the bearded movement, I saw this as an opportunity to not only create an amazing line of beard products but also a chance to put a little culture into our grooming process. Our goal is simple... Just as we take time and care into the growth of our beards, we want to impart wisdom and assist in the cultural development of young men in our communities. The symbol of Ajagun, as well as our words, will be used to speak legacies into our young men. ​Our Beards are something we earn. Let our beards show confidence, pride, and inspiration to those who come in contact with us. We are a symbol of our cultures in a modern environment. Anthony Olusegun Dedmon, Founder of Ajagun Beard Company

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Our customers are our biggest and best brand Ambassadors.  Without you guys, we wouldn’t exist.  You tell us you love our products, you tell us you love what we stand for, you tell us you want to be a part of Ajagun Beard Brand, and you ask us how can you get involved.

We’ve listened, and we want you to be a part of the Ajagun Tribe and get involved.  We have developed a Ajagun Beard Brand Ambassadorship program.  

When you become a Ajagun Beard Brand Ambassador you become part of the Tribe by promoting Ajagun Beard to help us grow to be a world-wide recognized brand.

The Ajagun Beard Brand Ambassadorship Program is a referral and rewards program.  When you refer someone to our website and they make a purchase, they receive 15% off their purchase and you are rewarded with 5% of their total sale (excluding shipping and taxes) to be applied to a Ajagun Beard Gift Card that you can rack up and redeem as a coupon to use towards our product and apparel anytime within 365 days from your approval into the program.

When you sign up to become a Ajagun Beard Brand Ambassador, you will be assigned a link which is your own code. What you do is share your link with everyone you know, and post it on your social media profiles.   Keep promoting #AJAGUNBEARD and your link.  The more people who see your code and use it to make a purchase at Ajagun Beard Brand, the more referrals you will make, earning you more dollars accumulated on your gift card!

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